Live: Palma Louca, Butterjunk and Polyvinyl at Independent

What better to do on a Saturday night than catching some emerging live bands? Right, nothing. So, we visited Sunderland for a night of emerging bands that despite the sweltering conditions at the venue still played blinders of sets!

The stage presence of Polyvinyl has grown massively since the last time we watched them perform, which might have had to do with the fact that they were playing a real stage this time! ‘Headlights’, ‘Blind’ and ‘Monochrome Monday’ might not ring any bells for you just yet, but soon these song titles will! Their sound is a strong and convincing art rock one driven by fantastic vocals and inventive compositions. An exciting blend of influences from an exciting band that is bound to shake things up in the north east music scene. Polyvinyl take risks and pour heart and soul into their creative process, which we promise will soon be paying off!

Butterjunk are a band that the north east was sad to see relocate down to Bristol, and with their live show at Independent they showed once again why that is. Their constant energy and riffing pop rock sounds are simply incredible and make them stand out from others within their genre. Soft and strong vocals and shimmering riffs are what’s at the core of Butterjunk and it’s made their set an unforgettable one. One of our favourite songs of the band was hopefully soon to be released single ‘Surfin” which is bound to become a hit!

We end the night on an even higher high with headliners Palma Louca who bring a great and consistent energy from the beginning of their set until the end. A grand and gritty, guitar-driven, modern art rock sound pours out of the five-piece who have created some incredible tracks that keep growing more and more on us. ‘Us and Them’, ‘Stationary Life’, and brand new single ‘Disappear’ are beautifully crafted songs with surprising elements and heart-wrenching vocals. Heartfelt messages fill all Palma Louca tracks with emotion, personality and great potential. Together with their two support bands, Palma Louca bring the night to an ecstatic end. A better night of live music still needs to be had, because even though we like our indie, there’s no way an indie band could have topped that!

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