Video: Nadie Reyhani – Dust and Gold

Hers is a refined and soothing, soft and simple sound, Nadie Reyhani‘s latest is a video for single ‘Dust and Gold’. A simplistic dream pop sound that is hazy and built around her intricate vocals and natural soundscape. The Dutch born artiste brings her Persian and Indonesian roots with her on this musical journey, they bring a subtle yet magical touch to her songs and give her soundscapes just that bit of extra colour.

She combines synths with uplifting beats and her fragile voice, with her latest, ‘Dust and Gold’ being a call for love, harmony and a peaceful future. It gives us hope, that there are still souls out there that long for the same thing we long for, it’s helped us forget about the state of the world for four minutes and brought a smile to our face and helped us relax our shoulders. Nadie Reyhani is our favourite meditation.

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