modernlove. – Islands

It was those romantic, sultry vocals that pulled us right into ‘Islands’. It’s modernlove.’s brand new single, its melancholic intro tricks you into believing this is going to be a bittersweet love song when the song changes into an upbeat retro pop song with playful melodies and warm, subtle vocals.

The song is a juxtaposition, a combination of a festive sound and sad, heavy-hearted lyrics. The Irish pop rock band have just announced the release of their new EP ‘Oh My Mind’, alongside their heartfelt new single ‘Islands’. About their latest, the band say: “‘Islands’ is a classic coming of age story. Trying to cope with the fallout of a family coming apart due to divorce and one’s own romantic relationship coming to an end at the same time. It tells the story of both, blurring them into one at times.”

A creative and musical conversation-starter, with strong vocals and a catchy soundscape, it’s a peculiar one, racing all over the place without losing the plot. modernlove. are interesting and ‘Islands’ is even more so!

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