JP Hoe – Out Of The Darkness

A beautiful and heart-felt new song was released by JP Hoe, ‘Out Of The Darkness’ is driven by a dark soundscape and strong, slightly rugged vocals. A warm and theatrical string-section brings life and colour to its sound, his vocals shining bright all the way throughout, truly getting the time and space they deserve. ‘Out Of The Darkness’ has a melancholic sound, an emotional one yet light and comforting in its simplicity.

A soaring love pop song from the Canadian artist that creates grand songs as a matter of survival. The song is due to appear on his sixth studio album, ‘Botanicals’. The work of art encapsulates the artist’s journey over the past few years, “in trying to find the balance between attentive father/ husband/ friend and lifelong travelling performer.” He is a jack-of-all-trades artist, working hard for his art and ever-progressing. Inspired by artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Hawksley Workman and Tom Petty, his sound is a combination of influences from the aforementioned as well as life in general. This results in a warm and relatable sound that we simply can’t get enough of!

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