Barrett Wilson – One More Day

A shimmering new track was released by Barrett Wilson, ‘One More Day’ is an easy-listening song with subtle vocals and a guitar-driven soundscape. It is a cheery, groovy song created at the home studio of Wilson, finished at John Would’s studio Stanley Recordings. About his latest release, Barrett said: “I wanted this to be a hopeful song, which is not an easy thing to pull off for me. Even though the lyrics take a few turns here and there, I think I was able to keep it fun, and I tried to accent the absurdity and silliness of life.”

On making the song sound hopeful, Barrett was successful, ‘One More Day’ listens like the rollercoaster that is life, emotional and with its ups and downs but an overall smiling sound. Thanks to its exciting and experimenting riffs and compositions, the song has truly become what it was supposed to be; a sweet and hopeful alternative folk pop song!

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