New guitar tracks: Bull, Water Slice, Ruby Sparks and Bealby Point

Bull – Stuck!

York guitar rock heroes Bull have returned with their new single ‘Stuck’, which came out at the same time they announced upcoming EP ‘Stuck Between The Virtual And Physical World’. Their eclectic and chaotic sound is perfect for rummaging afternoons and makes for a great and intense live show. ‘Stuck’ is just another example of their memorable sound, irresistible and brings a smile to your face! About the single, frontman Tom says: “‘Stuck!’ is about a character who is on a journey between the virtual and physical worlds. They see the entire universe but can’t get back to reality or hold onto the virtual world leaving them Stuck!”

Water Slice – I Want to Believe

“‘I Want to Believe’ confronts the aches of stretching beyond comfort zones to create a new life.” Patrick Phillips, better known as Water Slice, just released his new single ‘I Want to Believe’ and it gives a soundtrack to being caught in the middle, to creating something new and slightly scary. A psychedelic guitar rock track that is warm and comforting, built around soft and naturally sounding vocals, ‘I Want to Believe’ is grand and steadily paced throughout. The LA-based artist and songwriter create psyche-tinged power pop tracks that are well-produced and exciting!

Ruby Sparks – California Honey

A sweet new alternative pop track was released by Ruby Sparks, their latest ‘California Honey’ is a pop-tinged track with warm and harmonious soundscapes and sugar sweet vocals. Catchy and unhurried, their latest indie rock track will also make an appearance on the bands’ upcoming second EP! ‘California Honey’ represents the liberation that follows after dissecting one’s learned masculinity. “The aim is not to provide a solution, but rather to encourage listeners to start their own journey toward stepping outside of their comfort zones to chase the dreams, feelings and emotions they might be afraid to explore.”

Bealby Point – Try My Best

A soaring new rock track was released by Bealby Point, with grand vocals and a warm, guitar-driven soundscape, ‘Try My Best’ sounds motivating and encouraging! Exciting guitar parts and powerful, passionate vocals make for an intriguing new release. The band spent the better part of two years with one goal in mind; capturing the most cherished memory of their favourite summer and turning it into the perfect and refined sound. And they succeeded! Their festive and summery sound has come out very strong on ‘Try My Best’.

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