PLAY DEAD – Barbershop

There is something very real and very charming about PLAY DEAD and the voice that leads us through their latest single, ‘Barbershop’. It is a fast paced punk rock track with subtle influences of pop and a rhythm that sounds like my heartbeat after two espressos. ‘Barbershop’ is their return, a song about getting a bad haircut and never having the guts to say anything to the barber. I can actually exactly remember the last time I was in such a situation…

The song is a wistful tale by singer Joe Blair who has repeatedly experienced the above described scenario, “he wore a hat once for two straight months”, adds bassist Ollie Clarke. Their latest adds to a discography of tongue-in-cheek punk rock tracks that prove that less is more and that PLAY DEAD is a no nonsense outfit you should keep an eye on!

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