Video: Martha Hill – Free Flow

‘Free Flow’ is the latest musical offering of north east artist Martha Hill who wrote a song dedicated to finding it hard to switch off. Something I experience regularly! Its lyrics are relatable and talk about the never-ending rat race that is life. Luckily I’ve got a way of unwinding, which is through music, and now through Martha’s latest single. Her honest and memorable sound and lyrics make sense of my senseless thoughts.

‘Free Flow’ is another strong alternative pop track that shows yet another side of her musical abilities. The track was produced by Frank Colluci and its video filmed in East London, about the inspiration behind the track, Martha says: “‘Free Flow’ was written after another stint of working 12 hour days in London. It’s about getting manic about work and finding it hard to switch off at the end of the day. I love a fast pace of life, but sometimes it can get a bit much.”

Hers is a blend of indie rock and pop, with a hint of dream-gaze. Its sound is simply irresistible, sounding soft yet determined and with her signature tongue-in-cheek kind of tone! Fun and light-hearted, but at its core bloody serious.

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