Silver Lake – Beaches

Silver Lake recently released a hopeful reminder to always find beauty in our surroundings, in the form of their brand new single ‘Beaches’. The single is the Dutch duo’s third release and will be accompanied by a music video which was recorded in the south of Spain. ‘Beaches’ is a sweet and comforting folk pop song and is the perfect soundtrack for our Sunday afternoons, contemplating life and overthinking past events.

About their new single singer Marleen says: “For me, the beach is a place where time seems to stand still, which can be very soothing in a world where you are surrounded by chaos and change.” As musicians they were able to create a sound that made us feel both comforted and understood, hearing a relatable sound and story in the song, one that we hadn’t been able to put into words ourselves yet.

She continues, “When I listen to this song it always reassures me and makes me calm and content and I hope that people who listen to this song at home or wherever they are will also give a sense of security.” The single will be followed by two more single taken from the duos upcoming debut album which is due to follow in the spring of next year. Before we’re there, they’ll be playing Parkpop on the 12th of June and FestiValderAa on the 3rd of July, both in the Netherlands!

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