BREGN, Steve Andrews, The East Pointers and Paolo Nutini

BREGN – Summertime

A sweet and hazy, thoughtful and almost angelic single was released by BREGN, his latest, ‘Summertime’, is a pensive folk pop ballad with hints of indie pop. The song is dedicated to those feeling the summertime sadness, “despite the pain you want to be loved anyway”, BREGN translates the struggle of wanting to ask for love and kindness during moments of sadness and frustration, at a time that is supposed to be fun and uplifting. ‘Summertime’ is despite its emotional message a song that sounds like it’s filled with hope and belief, an embrace of subtle and supportive sounds and the perfect introduction to BREGN!

video: Beyond From WithinThey, Say

‘They, Say’ is an intriguing and elusive 1960’s influenced psych rock track infused with hints of indie and garage. ‘They, Say’ is a journey, a song driven by original melodies and lyrics that take its listeners on a soul-searching path, with a sound that pushes many boundaries and creates an alternative universe in which only Beyond From Within exists. ‘They, Say’ comes with a psychedelic video, and is truly something else. The band don’t just create exciting soundscapes, but an entire escape route out of boring everyday life!

The East Pointers – Stronger Than You Know

A shimmering, soft pop song was released by The East Pointers, their ‘Stronger Than You Know’ is a refined and sunshine-infused alternative pop song with warm vocals and an exciting soundscape. Catchy and uplifting, with a hard to forget rhythm and sweet, encouraging lyrics, ‘Stronger Than You Know’ is a bit of an anthem! Their sound is a combination of pop, folk and dance and its aim is to bring joy to its listeners, which the band have certainly achieved with their latest release!

Paolo Nutini – Shine A Light

Paolo Nutini is unable to create anything that is sub-par, and with ‘Shine A Light’ proves this once again. The song is a soaring, heartfelt one on which his tender vocals get to shine, supported by a subtle and roaring guitar-driven soundscape. The single is due to make an appearance on his new album ‘Last Night In The Bittersweet’, which will be released on the 1st of July. It will be his fourth studio album and shows that there is so much more to Nutini that we haven’t seen before. His is a success story, a mix of classic rock, post punk and hypnotic Krautrock, a process and a journey we are so honoured to be a part of and are hoping will continue for many more years.

‘Last Night In The Bittersweet’ will be available on clear green double-vinyl exclusively from Paolo’s official store, while key Scottish indie stores are offering an exclusive white marble double-vinyl.

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