Von Venn – Ghost

Von Venn, the Irish indie rock outfit helmed by Gary Cox, has released ‘Ghost,’ perhaps their most compelling record to date. It’s a song that stands out with unmistakable emotion, and each member of the group rises from the depths of the underground to match some of the world’s most famous artists.

‘Ghost’ opens with a sweet synth lead that resonates throughout an exhilarating mix. The guitars then join the mix, gleaming with brilliance. The drums slam into place with thunderous force, while Gary, who takes the lead vocally, reaches out with a texture that will appeal to fans of nostalgic indie rock. There are inspirations that spring to mind right away, but the band does not adapt to what else is going on right now; instead, they do things their way, and it pays off.

Gary muses on a prior love that is no more, and the lyrics are sad with a storyline that investigates emptiness. He has the emptiness of a ghost, almost as if they are still there wherever he goes, but they are only present in his head, not in person. It’s a touching tale that many people will be able to connect to, especially if a loved one has passed away. Regardless, the music brings vitality to the foreground, and the multitude of noises that emerge as the tune goes on keeps us fascinated.

Words by James Davids

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