Luis Morrison – Ultraviolet 

Luis Morrison, the Birmingham-based indie rocker, taps into various sounds and returns to the scene’s forefront with a hybrid quality for everybody to appreciate.

His current release, ‘Ultraviolet,’ is an antidote for anybody who enjoys their music with a kick. It’s unpredictable, which is part of what draws us in, and it’s constantly changing form, leaving us wondering where it’ll go next. It starts off with a bluesy guitar riff, and the guitar riffs remain the focal point throughout the song. However, as the song progresses, the guitars get even more powerful, and the energy from the amps finds new life in the middle section.

Luis Morrison’s vocal style is reminiscent of some of the greatest funk singers of the last decades. Nonetheless, the microphone still has a new spark, and Luis manages to get his own style over while also serenading fans of nostalgic funk textures. His story is relevant, with him talking openly about having a good time, letting his hair down, and trying to live life to the fullest.

In the track’s final section, the guitar emerges from the mix with a guitar solo that rattles the speakers for the best of reasons. A harmonised vocal appears, along with a high-pitched vocal from breakout singer-songwriter Luis Morrison, and by the time it ends, we’ve been well satiated. Overall, a quality single this one from Luis Morrison and an indication as to what to expect from his future releases. 

Words by James Davids

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