Ally Thorn – Lost Child

London-based Australian singer songwriter Ally Thorn has just released her new single ‘Lost Child’, and it’s an emotional journey through memories and time. Her ethereal pop sound is well-crafted, subtly, with the focal point being her razor sharp vocals. A soft and minimalistic soundscape dress the rest of the song, being the icing on the cake. She aims for her art to resonate with those that feel alone at times, and ‘Lost Child’ certainly accomplishes that.

Passionate high notes and a thumping beat draw us into her song and story. About her music, Ally says: “My writing is my therapy. It keeps me sane and acts as my release outlet through all of the crazy stuff. It gives me a moment to breathe, perspective and pulls me out of the dark places.”

‘Lost Child’ is a soaring pop track, influenced by pop rock stars such as Lorde and Miley Cyrus, but with a hint of stubbornness, a uniqueness lying most of all within Ally’s voice. The song represents a message, yet hopefully beautiful road to self discovery and comforts, inspires. ‘Lost Child’ has made me a fan of Ally Thorn’s natural and honest pop sound!

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