Video: The Bergamot – Breakdown

Angelic vocals, a warm and soft, shimmering soundscape, a touch of summer, they all come together on The Bergamot‘s latest single and video ‘Breakdown’. With sweet vocals and honest lyrics, ‘Breakdown’ is another poetic piece of alternative pop from the NYC-based duo. Its sonic soundscape explores the existential doom we are being ingulfed with on a daily basis, “It is vital to remember that we inhabit this world for only a century at best, when the stars have existed for millions of years.”

Their personal and professional existence is driven by a passionate for Mother Earth and spreading the message that we should take care for her as best as we can. The video for ‘Breakdown’ is another exquisite example of their respect for our Earth, as it shows stunning views and inspiring, flowing movements. The Bergamots message? “The stars around us have seen it all – every moment of history. By remembering this, we can be re-inspired to live to the fullest.”

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