Mackenzie Day – Code: Red (7 Years)

The warm and soothing pop voice that leads us through ‘Code: red (7 Years)’ belongs to Mackenzie Day. Her soulful and thumping, catchy sound is invigorating and “explores the often ignorant view society has of those fighting invisible battles”. Her latest single is the second from her upcoming second album, and is an important reminder to speak up when we or our loved ones are in pain, and expresses the important message that we are never alone.

‘Code: Red (7 Years)’ takes us on a ride, a journey, and Day’s voice is the most compatible one to do so. Its lyrics are wrapped in a soundscape influenced by pop and rock and amplifies a thundering sound. About the meaning behind the song, Mackenzie says: “It shouldn’t have to get bad before realising how big the issue at hand is. Its lyrics deal with my frustration at older generations for misunderstanding the bigger, uncontrollable issues surrounding mental health.”

Mackenzie Day is an open book and showcases this by not shying away from the heavier subjects, her alternative pop soundscapes are subtle, giving her stories and messages the brightest spotlight!

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