Prior The End – Ask Them About Cancer

Prior The End, the nail-biting rock band from Germany are firing on all cylinders with their new release, ‘Ask Them About Cancer’ taken from their new album ‘Cutting My Roots’. 

Since the beginning of their formation, the band members have been honing their craft, and with this strong delivery, they truly slap the chops. As Raphael Gerl’s guitar riff explodes through the speakers, it excites music fans with a crunch that will have them shaking to the infectious tones. The furious drumming of Christian Schmidt helps the mix come together to make a whole that is coherent and rugged!

Alexander Weiß screams while simultaneously baring his soul and exposing his emotions. He does not spare any effort in telling his riveting story about life and the challenges that frequently emerge while at the same time encouraging all of us that life keeps on even in the face of the worst that can happen. The first few minutes of the song are pretty typical of the contemporary rock genre, but all it changes in the middle part. Moreover, Alexander lets loose with his potent screamo delivery that grips to the intense beats!

‘Ask Them About Cancer’ is just one of the many tracks on their new album, and each stand out with vigour! Even the most severe critics will have a hard time ignoring the energy each tune bangs with on the album.

Words by James Davids

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