Gemma Cullingford – Tongue Tied

A thumping and exciting intro leads us into the world of Gemma Cullingford, her latest single ‘Tongue Tied’ is a an alternative electro pop track that has the potential to become our soundtrack for long nights out. Musician, songwriter and producer Gemma Cullingford has, together with the release of ‘Tongue Tied’ announced her second album which is due for release on the 2nd of September of this year!

Something completely different from what we have listened to before Gemma opened the doors to the dance pop we didn’t know we could appreciate. “‘Tongue Tied’ is a reflection on feeling struck by shyness and being lost for words – not just in front of those you may be attracted to, but when speaking to anyone you respect.” The feeling of shyness is represented in the simple and repetitive lyrics, and its pulsating beats amplifies the danceable soundscape. It is an energy-fuelled, charismatic disco pop track that we won’t soon be forgetting about!

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