The Round Up – June

Eastern Souvenirs – Wildest Dream

Like the funky intro slash break-music on The Sims, Eastern Souvenirs’ latest is a comforting dream, a mellow pop dream with shimmering effects amplifying its dreamy soundscape! Their warm pop sound is driven by a simple soundscape and tender vocal harmonies. “‘Wildest Dream’ is a love song about insecurity and the way it can blind you from the simple joys in life.” The song is a driving, subtle surf rock track and a new favourite!

Edgar Everyone – The Field

The intro of ‘The Field’ made me think I was in a 2000 hip hop dance film, but this new single soon evolves into a transparent, groovy new alternative pop track with hazy vocals and a bouncing soundscape that makes it impossible not to move along to Edgar Everyone’s latest release! ‘The Field’ is their second single and it’s an eclectic mix of dream pop, shoegaze and electro vibes, a warm welcome into summer, a memorable yet lounging track that we can’t wait to listen to on our next roadtrip!

Bradley Denniston x David Nolf – Feels Like Summer

A playful new release showcases the end result of a collaboration between LA artists Bradley Denniston and David Nolf. With shimmering vocals and a soundscape driven by a thumping and uplifting beat, ‘Feels Like Summer’ truly feels like summer! This brand spanking new single was inspired by the nostalgia of worriless summers and a simpler life. “It’s that feeling of forgetting about work and real life stuff, you can just have fun with your friends and the people you care about!”

Luna Blue – Domestic Alligator

Summer has well and truly arrived with another shining summer pop song from Brighton-based alternative pop outfit Luna Blue! ‘Domestic Alligator’ is a fast paced, eclectic new pop track with honest vocals, warm vocal harmonies and an exciting and ever building soundscape. Thoughts behind the track? “F*** this relationship, F*** lockdown, F*** this house! Is this forever? – new mornings come, but the days won’t pass. I know I’m meant to appreciate the here and now because it’s all we have – but all you present to me is a mental tug of war…” And even though we do see the dark clouds too, Luna Blue has offered us a sound like sunshine!

Stables – Solstice Soufflé

The most charming element of Stables’ new release, ‘Solstice Soufflé’, are its natural-sounding vocals and the subtle celebration of the summer solstice! Another soft and soothing folk pop song from the duo that has had us mesmerised many releases ago. ‘Solstice Soufflé’ is minimalistic, a warm alternative folk track that shows another layer of depth to the musical abilities of Stables. The duo have been releasing music since 2015 and show their determination with a release scheduling of one single a month! Hopefully they can keep it up, because they’ve never let us down before.

Bad Blood – A Birthmark On My Hip

A fun, eccentric and thumping new punk rock track was released by Bad Blood, ‘A Birthmark On My Hip’ is the debut single of a new musician who’s entering the indie arena and is instantly turning it upside-down! North east-based artist Matt Dean is better known as Bad Blood and has made his mark with ‘A Birthmark On My Hip’. About his debut, Dean says: “This song was written to reflect those feelings of being selfish, reckless from time to time. Being able to go through life without taking responsibility for your actions; the protagonist has chosen to forego relationships, community and belonging, taking ‘looking after number one’ to the extreme.” I’m a fan of his light-hearted, funky, catchy and upbeat sound a la Slaves and Twenty One Pilots!

The Haunted Youth – Broken

A subtle and hazy shoegaze-influenced sound was released by The Haunted Youth, their latest is called ‘Broken’ and it’s a charismatic and slowly built up new release. Easily comparable to synth pop, with a dash of alternative rock, The Haunted Youth truly have taken all the best elements from the aforementioned genres and created their own. The band are gearing up for a summer filled to the brim with live shows and festival extravaganza, for a full overview you can tag along here.

Simon Alexander – Along Came June

The warm new pop sound of Simon Alexander is driven by grand gestures in the form of exciting riffs and soft, sultry vocals. ‘Along Came June’ is a sound that resembles the welcome soft pop sounds of the early 2000’s, but dressed in a modern jacket. Vocals with an expansive range and an almost bluesy soundscape make for a fine new release with a strogn message, “‘Along Came June’ is about watching your own back to avoid being taken advantage of – because with summer also comes the more animalistic side of men.”

ROE – I Can Change

Strong and peculiar vocals lead ROE’s latest single, ‘I Can Change’. She’s a natural, an artist that creates a sound without any frills, a natural vibe that almost sounds effortless. ‘I Can Change’ is the focus track of ROE’s recently released debut album, ‘That’s When The Panic Sets In (Part 1)’. Part 2 is due to follow in September, but for now we’ll have to find pleasure in her latest six track counting alternative pop collection. Part 1 truly made us long for part 2, and it’s a great way for new fans to get acquainted with ROE’s open-hearted and at times gut-wrenching sound!

CANDID – The Truth

A rocking new track was released by Blossoms-inspired alternative pop outfit CANDID, who brough us ‘The Truth’. A thumping soundscape and soft, high pitched vocals bring this track and give it its anthemic vibe. “Fuelled by optimism, innocence and honesty, ‘The Truth’ carries a simple message of trying to tell someone how you truly feel, when the words just won’t come out.” Luckily, the words to the song did come out, as we can’t help but sing along after the first few listens!

TEOSE – Bikini

A fun and light-hearted new indie rock track was released by Glasgow-based outfit TEOSE, tongue in cheek and with a summer vibe to it, the single is light-hearted and vibrant! And we’ve not even talked about how relatable its inspiration is, “the song is literally just about feeling insecure when wearing a bikini”, ‘Bikini’ is also the title track of the upcoming EP which is due for release next month and sets the tone for the bands’ fuzzy rock-filled future!

Lossline – Death Masks

The dark and sultry vocals on ‘Death Masks’ grab us by the feels and pull us into the latest rock-written story of Lossline. An intriguing and exciting sound that is both fascinating and a tad jaded are what the band showcase on their latest release. “This is a song about becoming increasingly jaded towards modern life and the anxiety which comes with being connected all the time with no ability to switch off.” Lossline had us switch off automatically as soon as the first notes hit, and helped us unwind for its nearly six minutes, and even though six minutes would be long for a song, for Lossline it won’t ever be long enough.

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