Amplify their voices: néomí, Estella Dawn and Lisa Ploeger

néomí – redemption

Fast rising songstress néomí creates mesmerising pockets of tranquillity in the form of well-crafted, smoothly-produced pop songs driven by her divine voice. ‘redemption’ is an ode to family, a subtle and joyful affirmation, as she sings “I won’t let you down…”

Her debut EP ‘before’ is offers a beautifully rich collection of previously released and new songs that showcase her calm yet powerful songs. The EP paints a picture of growing up, from child to adult, and her open and honest way of storytelling bring this single and this EP to life. Her colourful folk pop sound is already leaving its mark and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring for néomí.

Estella Dawn – Cringe

Her dynamic and upbeat, catchy and groovy sound comes to us in the form of new single ‘Cringe’. Gorgeous vocals and a festive soundscape make ‘Cringe’ a warm and exciting new release! On ‘Cringe,’ Estella openly delves into mistakes of the past, this single “addresses the full-body shudder incited at the thought of an ex who was unthinkably wrong for you.”

It is a heartfelt, heart-breaking yet tropical and at the same time upliftingly clean pop song with a smooth and soulful voice that we wish we had. With her music she touches on toxicity in dating, self-empowers and empowers those she mentally touches, driven by life’s experiences she created a grand and touching sound.

Lisa Ploeger – Don’t Let Me Drown

Groningen-based singer songwriter Lisa Ploeger amazed with her new single ‘Don’t Let Me Drown’, a soulful country pop song with influences of folk that is driven completely by her angelic vocals and a smooth, well-produced soundscape. Her latest is relatable, “it’s a song about insecurities I gained related to my music during the pandemic.”

“I was not sure what to do and had felt no triggers to do better. One day I decided to turn it all around and fully commit to my music.” Live or not, her recorded music is just as, or maybe even more, powerful and conveys a message of hope and perseverance. A beautiful sound, and a new pop star in the making.

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