Amy Pollock – Waiting

Independent musician and songstress Amy Pollock recently released her latest single ‘Waiting’, it is her first step back into the world and a first glimpse of what is yet to come of the mesmerising artiste. That she spent a lot of time on the creative process was adamantly one of the building blocks of her latest contemporary indie folk song.

A refined and breathing, apologetic sound weaves its way into our world, with her angelic vocals leading its song to her forest of thought. “‘Waiting’ is inspired by the sobering moment when you realise you have been giving every part of yourself to someone and never having the energy returned. Falling into old patterns with the underlying hope that things might be different this time, only to have your heart broken again.”

A bittersweet, heart-breaking and at the same time heart-mending message and sound bring us comfort and make us want to give Amy a hug, a shoulder to lean on. Most of us have been there, waiting for our love to be returned, hoping for patterns to change, Amy Pollock translated that feeling into an echoing soundscape, overlapping vocals and the sound of longing. ‘Waiting’ is beautiful and a wonderful introduction to her sound and discography.

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