New music: Pizza Crunch, Holy Heat and Montrell

Pizza Crunch – Wilting Youth

A sound and not-so-subtle confidence a la Miles Kane, and a pair of sultry vocals, are what make Pizza Crunch’s latest a striking new release. ‘Wilting Youth’ is a breathing alternative pop rock track driven by distorted riffs and prolific vocals, a sexy track drenched in hot sauce. ‘Wilting Youth’ is the euphoric taster of the upcoming body of work Pizza Crunch have worked on for the past year and a half.

“‘Wilting Youth’ revolves around the idea of fading juvenility”, telling a bittersweet story of bright days having past, without sounding wistful. Both single and its story follow up previously released track ‘Young Excitement’, creating a short series, a groovy introduction to Pizza Crunch and their process of aging.

Holy Heat – Mud

‘Mud’ is eclectic, a multi-genre-influenced song driven by a thumping soundscape that is created with surprising elements and unexpected hooks. Sharp, to the bone, vocals, lead the story of Holy Heat’s latest single. The soulful rock outfit have created a formula hard to copy, with almost theatrical vocals and rocking riffs, and the band bring a Queen-like sound with their impressive new release!

A truly surprising fact is the fact that ‘Mud’ is the trio’s debut release… Something I would never have guessed with such a calculated and well-produced mix. Their authenticity and passion shines brightly, and ‘Mud’ is without a doubt the perfect introduction to the American outfit’s discography, which we’ll hopefully soon hear more of!

Montrell – Clock

A warm surprise, a soft and colourful blanket in the form of a song, it’s Montrell’s ‘Clock’! Their sweet alternative pop sound is a steadily building, ever growing sound that could easily warm an arena crowd. Catchy as anything, ‘Clock’ truly displays the work that has gone into the song. The single was recorded in the Cotswolds, engineered by Hugh Fielding, mixed by Dom Morley and mastered by Simon Gibson at Abbey Road!

About ‘Clock’, singer Jonny Taylor says: “It’s a note to the clock itself for stripping us of time, but it also blossoms into a message to a friend. The song is also a request to not be treated with indifference, but to rekindle an old friendship.”

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