Paolo Nutini – Petrified In Love

Paolo Nutini is the man that can hardly do anything wrong, his eclectic guitar rock is amplified by his warm and raspy vocals. ‘Petrified In Love’ is another example of his signature sound, and taken from the forthcoming album ‘Last Night In The Bittersweet’, due to be released on the 1st of July!

The beloved artist is building the anticipation with the release of two new single, ‘Acid Eyes’, and ‘Petrified In Love’. ‘Petrified In Love’ is an experimental, riff-driven track with warm hooks and an indulgent soundscape. The upcoming album is promising to sound like a collection of warm-hearted, open and honest songs without consideration for the modern musical landscape – Nutini operates within his own league, with a timeless sound and a message as relevant as ever.

‘Petrified In Love’ is nearly four minutes of accommodating rock, a catchy and energising new release that we could easily listen to over and over again!

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