Will Newman – Wasted Time

Will Newman recently released his latest and eccentric alternative pop single, ‘Wasted Time’ is very Balthazar, in case you know of the Belgium alternative pop outfit, and it’s a welcome breather to busy everyday life! Warm vocal harmonies are combined with an eclectic soundscape driven by soft keys and almost sultry vocals. ‘Wasted Time’ is a comforting journey, a laid back and unhurried sound that almost becomes a soothing background track, however it’s leading vocals keep it from disappearing to our background!

This single is the third release of the singer songwriter this year and earlier this year he told BBC Radio: “‘Wasted Time’ is about the idea you should probably walk away from someone who’s bad for you… But you make an exception, every time, and compromise yourself.” The song is about conflicted feelings, and a head and heart that just can’t seem to agree with one another. It’s subtly anthemic and could easily fill a stadium, a grand effort by singer songwriter and artist Will Newman!

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