Seafret – Pictures

A rich new pop song was released by Seafret, their latest is single ‘Pictures’, a bittersweet and melancholic love pop song driven by simple and cathartic vocals. The song provides relief, an outlet, a shoulder to lean on, while going through period of tough love, Seafret tell a story while being a friend and all in the form of 3 minutes and 15 seconds of pop song.

‘Pictures’ was inspired by images of unblemished youth and possibilities, about their latest, Seafret said: “This song was inspired by images of having a child and how you never want them to grow up. It can also be totally open with moments in life that you just don’t want to end.” The song is a tender, sweet and simple short story and can be interpreted in any way shape or form that you need.

The duo that formed in 2011 know how to create little pockets of support that are relevant to all of those that feel like listening. Layered with subtle guitar and soothing vocals, ‘Pictures’ is another picture-perfect Seafret-release we don’t mind listening to on repeat!

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