Dubinski – MTSB

After their latest single ‘Fired Up’, we had no idea where the Dubinski-train would be headed and with their brand new release ‘MTSB’, we still have no clue. That they aren’t releasing a sound the conventional way is clear. Dubinski is a multi-talented, genre-blending outfit with multiple outlets in which they are finding themselves, their sound, and direction as a band. Previously known as Ded Rabbit, Dubinski have clearly shifted gears and are back on track to become a new favourite and head-turning band on the scene.

‘MTSB’ is a soft, unhurried and subtle pop rock track with warm vocals and shimmering electro pop effects filling its soundscape. “‘MTSB’ was inspired by the idea of a parallel reality not too dissimilar to our own”, said lead singer Eugene Gaine, “It’s a world not easily accessed, with strange subtle differences that make it both familiar and other-worldly.”

It is a combination of odd chord progressions, synths, delay and reverb pedals and a drum machine pattern created on a cheap Yamaha electone organ, in case you know what that means! It’s a dream-like sound not entirely translated into words which makes it an outstanding new release in our book!

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