Judy Pearson – My Guiding Key

Judy Pearson, a singer-songwriter who resides in London, strikes an emotional chord with her newest single, which bears the title ‘My Guiding Key’. This new record, which is now available, showcases Judy’s progression as a songwriter and demonstrates that perseverance can pay off in the end.

The song ‘My Guiding Key’ has a pop-rock texture throughout, and synthesiser components also contribute to the foundation of the music. The song opens with an upfront vocal by Judy, accompanied by a lead synth line that plays in the background. She uses a diatonic method when she speaks, and frequently it seems as though Judy is writing the words down while she sings her narrative. She also uses honest introspection when she speaks about her time with someone she holds very dear to her heart.

The level of energy that the track possesses rises, and while at first, we are unsure as to whether or not it will remain relatively low-key, the tempo speeds up towards the middle of the track, and the drums add a newfound charisma to the overall adventure.

Although it does not appear until quite some time into the release, the guitar plays an integral part in the mix, and once it does, it creates a flare that radiates with Judy’s ethereal vocal holding us firmly to her every note. Overall, a solid release this one from Judy and one which will have many giddy in anticipation for her next! 

Words by James Davids

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