Sounds of July

Tanner Cherry – Morning Drunk

An unhurried, laid back new singer songwriter pop song was released by Nashville-based artist Tanner Cherry. It is a tropical sounding pop song that describes that drunken, tired feeling you have on those lovely, summer mornings. Cherry truly created a soundtrack for those mornings, writing and releasing a soft and simple yet infectious and effective alternative pop song with a bright spotlight on his soothing voice!

Video: Mobleystay volk

Infectious art rock outfit Mobley have just released their new single and video for ‘stay volk’, a play on ‘stay woke’, it’s a deeply meaningful and infectious, rocking new track that evokes thought and reflection! For his latest single, Mobley drew inspiration from the 2017 Charlottesville riots, with the video being a metaphor, “exploring the idea of the tension between one’s authentic self and trying to escape the performance that is often required by society. In the video, we see a character whose head has been replaced by an actual, functioning rabbit-ear television.”

Mirror Parts – mess it up

Four-piece Mirror Parts have just released their new distorted indie track ‘mess it up’ and it is really rather in-your-face, just the way we like it! With experimental elements leading throughout the track and vocals sharp and playful, this light-hearted song is a juxtaposition against its sad lyrics. Mirror Parts began as a solo bedroom project but has grown to be much bigger and an exciting new musical venture that demands its listener to be involved – something we saw Queen do with the release of ‘We Will Rock You’, let’s hope it works just as well for Mirror Parts as it did for Queen!

Liam Dutch – What’s Your Problem?

Singer songwriter and pop rock artist Liam Dutch is following up previous single ‘Settle Down’ with the charismatic and fast paced alternative indie track ‘What’s Your Problem?’. It didn’t take him long to write yet this release is a calculated one, well-produced and driven by fresh guitar lines. ‘What’s Your Problem?’ is about being in a corrupt environment, “and how I deal with it. It’s a fuck you to the slippery kinds of people. I can’t say too much about the specifics, the man has eyes and ears everywhere.”

lone pines – Boys in LA

Ethereal new wave is right up our street, lone pines have released a song that fits perfectly within that genre with their latest single ‘Boys in LA’. It is a glamorous and hazy song with an angelic and poppy undertone. Sweet and unhurried, ‘Boys in LA’ is a welcome break, a recreation of a mysterious sound that perfectly matches their mysterious image as there’s hardly anything to find about the band! Hopefully we’ll get to find out more about lone pines soon…

Video: The HowlersNothing To Lose

We’re loving the vigorous rock sound of The Howlers, and in a slightly diluted form the band is back with single ‘Nothing To Lose’. A tad tamer than previous releases but obviously very well calculated, ‘Nothing To Lose’ is a grand pop rock sound with great vocals that are sweet and a sexy addition to its layered soundscape! Its video is explosive and energetic and one I actually enjoyed watching. A colourful background makes the dancing figures in front pop, and makes ‘Nothing To Lose’ just that bit more of an anthem than it already is.

Album: Gavin FoxAwakened

Gavin Fox’s warm and cunning sound is driven by his almost sultry, potent vocals and subtle guitar-lines that colour the soundscapes on the twelve tracks of his debut album ‘Awakened’! ‘Awakened’ is a collection of refreshing alternative pop songs with a hint of classic folk and sweetening guitar lines. The album is his debut, a determined and uplifting, versatile piece on which Gavin gets to shine and expand his musical catalogue which is one that warms our hearts and makes us long for more!

Azu Yeché – Be That Guy

A soulful new pop song was released by Azu Yeché, his mesmerising folky, open-hearted pop sound never ceases to amaze me and this time is driven by warm vocals and surprising vocal harmonies. A warm and shimmering summer sound comes in the form of a song with a strong message! His is a catchy indie / soul pop sound with a political undertone and you can listen to it below!

Niko – Pick Me Up

Dutch emerging outfit Niko have just released their laid back new summer anthem called ‘Pick Me Up’. It is driven by hazy, nearly touching vocals, a floating soundscape filled with soft vocals and an atmospheric undertone. Refined production and a smooth finish are what make ‘Pick Me Up’ quite the intriguing sound and a great introduction to the sound of Niko!

Ciao Lucifer – So Good It Hurts

I like the catchy new summer rock vibe of Ciao Lucifer, which comes to us in the subtle yet refined for of ‘So Good It Hurts’! The duo creates surprising soundscapes and turn a corner with this ingenious new piece of pop rock. Despite its uplifting sound, ‘So Good It Hurts’ knows a bittersweet undertone, its message being about jealousy and losing sight of our own abilities… We can only learn by trial and error, and by listening to Ciao Lucifer!

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