Alex Amor x The Deep Blue – Bad Tattoo

A warm new pop collaboration blossomed between two of our favourite artists of the past few years and they amazed with the outcome of the project, single ‘Bad Tattoo’. For ‘Bad Tattoo’, Glasgow-based songstress Alex Amor and alternative folk pop outfit The Deep Blue joined hands and created a soft and soothing, comforting and warm new single!

The release of Alex’ new single comes at the same time as the announcement of her new EP ‘The Art Of Letting Go’ which is due for release on the 16th of September! For the single she worked together with Manchester-based band The Deep Blue, who can also hear in the backing vocals on the track. It is a dream-like pop song that swirls and amazes and was inspired by the aftermath of a relationship turned sour…

About the inspiration for the new single, Alex said: “‘Bad Tattoo’ was written about a time when I wanted to forget someone. They kept making unwanted appearances in my thoughts across the day: while I was walking home, doing chores, lying in bed awake at night. I find it bizarre how it’s much easier to forget the good times but impossible to forget the bad times. It seems that our worst memories are stored somewhere deep inside of us and as much as I wanted to erase this person from my head, they persisted on my skin like a bad tattoo.”

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