New music: Jade Stanger, Mike Stoyanov and Bones Shake

Jade Stanger – The Stranger That Wasn’t Bad

‘The Stranger That Wasn’t Bad’ is Jade Stanger’s new single, a jazzy folk pop song with beautifully sharp vocals in the midst of its mix. A soulful sound, hazy and almost angelic, tells a personal story of finding love and safety with another person. Jade writes from personal experiences and sings from a place of honesty and openheartedness. Her touch and sound are paper-thin, subtle and a little mysterious, ‘The Stranger That Wasn’t Bad’ is an ambient new pop sound, a glistening and harmonious new release with driving beats and punk-esque guitar lines!

Mike Stoyanov – Everything You Ever Wanted

Mike Stoyanov released a new and soaring rock track a la Miles Kane’s recent work, with a hint to the Beatles and sharp vocals that could cut through glass. Powerful and passionate, thriving and alive, his new single ‘Everything You Ever Wanted’ is a punchy and catchy rock track that walks the line between a new rock hit and a song completely falling apart. This is an artist that doesn’t make picture perfect songs, but sounds like he writes from the pains of his existence, of being an artist. And that’s what we want to hear.

Bones Shake – Come Home

This thumping and thrilling new track had its grip on me from the get-go. Grand and soaring vocals chant and scream, struggle and release its anger and desperation on its listener. There could have been no better name for the artist that created ‘Come Home’ than Bones Shake. Their blend of garage and punk, fuzz and a hint of blues comes together in this outstanding piece of post punk. The band formed in Manchester in 2011 and have come a long way since, and all I can find myself wondering is why I had never heard of this band before?!

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