Bear2 – California

Indie pop artist Bear2 just released his new single ‘California’, the song is a melancholic and warm pop track about people that lose themselves after having moved to California, “I’m sure we all know a few!”. The Dutch equivalent of such a city is Amsterdam…

‘California’ is a warm folk pop track, with hints of electro and commercial pop, an overall unhurried and comforting track that offers relief and a breather on busy days. Alexandre Berthoud’s warm vocals are a leading red thread through the song, simple yet refined and sweet, pleasant to listen to. Alexandre, who is better known as Bear2, is a true DIY artist that understands that writing the music is only a small piece of the pie when you are trying to gain traction with your music. He’s done it all himself before; booking shows, bucking on the street and recording in studios across Los Angeles.

His soulful and heartfelt yet simplistic sound had me hooked and his single ‘California’ will hopefully soon be followed by another single, or maybe even an EP or album!

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