Redeemers – Venue Affair

The powerful and ferocious debut single Redeemers just released is already leaving its mark, and this is only the beginning. The energetic and catchy alternative pop sound blended with a hint of Britpop comes to us just after the release of their first demo ‘Peace of Mind’ which set the tone for what Redeemers is bound to let loose upon us.

Their sound is rough and has a nice edge to it, with personal and unaltered vocals leading us through this single from the beginning till the end. They have clearly been inspired and influenced by bands such as Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, however bring a daring and upfront vibe we don’t see much anymore lately despite Britrock never dying. There is something sinister, in the best possible way, about Redeemers, they aren’t just passionate musicians but also hard workers that know that making it in music entails much more than just writing and releasing music!

“‘Venue Affair’ is set in and inspired by the legendary Manchester indie-club Venue, I wrote the song with just the image of the place in mind, the thought of that feeling of youthful escapism. You know finding that little get away spot where things are a bit different, you can have a laugh and enjoy yourself. Once you’re down those stairs as you get in, the world above them doesn’t exist anymore. For a few hours all those problems you had before are just white noise down there.”

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