MOTHR – Dancing on the Edge of a Knife

A melancholic sound that takes us back to when Joy Division and New Order were a little more relevant. MOTHR have created a bridge between the old classics and the modern indies. ‘Dancing on the Edge of a Knife’ is an intriguing and powerful single driven by a grand soundscape filled with shimmering sounds, and vocals that are warm and comforting.

Those vocals convey inventive lyrics, lyricism we don’t see much of anymore these days, with most popular songs being about love and loss. MOTHR consists of poets, with verses such as “Now that you find yourself estranged / From all your fantasies of change / No great escape on the horizon”,

Their determined, refined and well-produced sound does not give away that this is the band’s debut single, their first feel-good anthem is hopefully one of many soon to be released. “‘Dancing on the Edge of a Knife’ is about being trapped in a suburban open air prison.” A debut album is already in the making and will be released next year in 2023. With their effortless sounding mix of alternative pop and classic rock, MOTHR are truly making something exciting, something that we will hopefully and most definitely see ending up in the charts as soon as!

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