Live: Slow Readers Club and Pixies at O2 City Hall

On the 6th of August American alternative rock band Pixies played the O2 City Hall, a band that was formed in 1986 and are still touring, and who are still making their mark on the modern musical landscape. Opening up for the four-piece were Manchester-based rock band The Slow Readers Club.

The British band brought a theatrical and mesmerising sound, driven by fine vocals and peculiar musical arrangements that took me and many others on a harmonious rollercoaster. Their charismatic frontman had the power of capturing his listener’s attention without needing to jump off amps or making dramatic gestures. It was the band’s tight performance that lifted their show to another level. Despite the audience longing for their favourite Pixies-tracks, there were some hits most of us recognised, ‘The Greatest Escape’, ‘Everything I Own’ and ‘I Saw A Ghost’ all made an appearance. All favourites I was glad I was able to sing along to.

Shortly after, an ecstatic and jam-packed O2 City Hall was subtly bouncing at its core in anticipation of world-famous rock band Pixies, who played a two hour long set and no less than 38 songs out of their own repertoire. ‘Wave of Mutilation’, ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’, ‘Here Come Your Man’, ‘Where Is My Mind?’ all passed the revue, and received an over-excited reaction from their hungry audience. Pixies know how to give a great show and capture an audience, with the exception of a few intermezzos not everyone was a fan of, however that did offer the perfect opportunity for a trip to the bar downstairs. And what we really have to give this band of rock stars is the fact that there were no jokes nor chats in between, for there is already enough talk in this world.

It was hard finding the right words to describe the band that made history and wrote songs that won’t ever be written again. I blame that on boundaries and people, musicians, nowadays being afraid to speak their truth and afraid to do the unexpected. Pixies aren’t afraid to do that, they are one of the greatest of their time and still are, and they brought us an ever-surprising, tightly-performed rock show we won’t soon forget about.

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