New music: noyou, Elbé, TV People and Hector Gannet

noyou – The Way You See Me

North East-based outfit noyou have recently released their new single ‘The Way You See Me’, “the song tells a story of long lost relationships and their eventual reunion, from the perspective of a not so perfect person”. Theirs is a refined yet chaotic sound, an all over the place but streamlined and well thought-through. They have found their niche and the alternative pop rock outfit have found what works, their recipe to success. Or at least, that is what we hope it’ll turn out to be!

Elbé – Over The Bridge

Elbé’s sound is eclectic and surprising, a warm welcome and an inspiring blend of indie rock and pop, their latest ‘Over The Bridge’ was written mostly after their performance at the Workman’s Club in 2019 when songwriter Seamus was walking back to his car. “The lyrics try to encapsulate the scenes of Dublin City on a busy Saturday night and what I witnessed.” Their thumping and mystical sounds translates those feelings of wondering where we are headed, beautiful and soft, subtle vocals lead us through Elbé’s latest story and release, a wandering one we hope will soon be followed up with another!

TV People – Circle

Dublin’s TV People have just released their new single ‘Circle’, a dark alternative pop track that hints at shoegaze and rock influences and makes for a refined blend of influences that bring this song to life. The dark atmosphere of ‘Circle’ meanders from subdued to surreal and explosive moments. A chaotic energy makes ‘Circle’ interesting and stand out from others within its genre. The band created something daring, not a pop hit to please their listeners, but a piece of welcome pop rock that filled a hole and answered our musical needs.

Hector Gannet – Blue Murder

Aaron Duff is better known as eclectic pop artist Hector Gannet, a well-known name in the local north east scene. His refined and exciting alternative pop rock sound has a vintage feel, driven by spacious soundscapes and his powerful, slightly edgy voice. ‘Blue Murder’ is a reimagining of a 1970’s song written by Lindisfarne frontman Alan Hull, Hector Gannet’s version however is a little more imaginative with emotive hooks and rawer vocals leading the track. Hector and his band completed a UK tour last spring, before they headed to the US to record their upcoming album, which is set for release next year!

Find all four previously mentioned releases below in our Newest Releases playlist!

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