Braden Lam – don’t let go

His is an always mesmerising sound, Braden Lam is an artist that has left a long-lasting impression and is prolonging this impression with his new and latest ‘don’t let go’. It is a crushable alternative folk pop song, the new soundtrack for our road trips, a subtle summer anthem that talks about holding onto a memory of someone you love, even when they are gone. A relatable subject, something I can find myself in, and Braden Lam gave me the words I had been searching for.

His authentic song writing that most resembles storytelling has a subtle indie flare, a hint of folk pop, and a refined and memorable finish. His warm sound is honest, authentic and might resemble many others but it is undoubtedly his own. ‘don’t let go’ is warm, comforting and memorable and another wonderful addition to the discography of Braden Lam.

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