Must hear: The Pink Nostalgia, Betty Reed and Express Office Portico

The Pink Nostalgia – Flowers

A nostalgic, uplifting and light-hearted yet serious sounding track was released by The Pink Nostalgia, ‘Flowers’ is their most personal and emotionally charged work to date. ‘Flowers’ is a colourful new summer indie anthem, built on driving 80’s synths and subtle guitar lines. The song and its personality are out there, warm and comforting with an upbeat rhythm section and transcended vocals that alleviate the sound and discography of The Pink Nostalgia!

A must-heart indie pop song and sound driven by personal stories and passionate transitions that make ‘Flowers’ a surprise from the beginning until the end! ‘Flower’s represents a new beginning, “Not just a new era for my music, but it’s the very start of the EP I’m currently writing. It’s catchy, upbeat and full of guitar licks and a sax solo; the perfect indie summer tune, but the lyrics are mature and some of the most introspective I’ve written so far. It’s about burying your past six feet under, and moving on, onwards and upwards.”

Betty Reed – Without You

A pungent and fierce sounding rock soundscape leads us into Betty Reed’s new alternative pop rock track. ‘Without You’ builds upon many different influences and is an inclusive and exciting new release! Warm and sharp-as-a-knife leading vocals bring ‘Without You’ to life, sounding powerful and emotive, supported by a soundscape of grand, beating drums and a few very sharp solos the soundscape of ‘Without You’ is layered and exciting.

‘Without You’ is about prospering in life by breaking free from those who hold you back and proving them wrong. “The song draws from actual experiences in my own life about people who you think would support you, but instead tear you down. The meaning behind ‘Without You’ is similar to my song ‘Karma’, in that the best revenge against the naysayers is succeeding in life on your own terms. When people try to strip you of your confidence, it is very demoralizing. You have to claw back your dignity, which is no easy task.”

Express Office Portico – Forget The Name

The new alternative electro pop sound and outfit we have recently discovered is one lovers of Blossoms, Foals and Fickle Friends will most definitely appreciate. Express Office Portico have just released their brand new indie anthem ‘Forget The Name’. An eclectic mix of sounds, a refined soundscape that makes you want to move all the way throughout and sugar sweet vocals leading us through their latest release, ‘Forget The Name’ should be a hit!

The band gathered members throughout the pandemic and formed via online adverts, they truly made the most of working from home. By the end of 2020 a band of five had formed in and around Nottingham, their lengthy name coming from the entrance to an old newspaper distribution office in the city centre of Nottingham. Their blend of indie synth pop and alternative pop rock is well-rehearsed, well-produced and sounding smooth as anything, we want more!

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