Sounds of August

Calling Cadence – California Bartender (Acoustic)

Acoustic versions of soft pop songs are always my favourite, Calling Cadence is letting their vocal parts shine, with a subtle and shimmering soundscape slowly dressing the red thread of the song. ‘California Bartender’ is sweet and comforting and a song I could listen to on repeat!

Late Cambrian – It’s Always Something

A powerful and exciting new single has been released by alternative pop rock outfit Late Cambrian. ‘It’s Always Something’ is like a shot of happy juice, a fast paced and uplifting pop rock track with great and memorable vocals and a refined, thumping soundscape!

Alison’s Fall – Insane

Dutch brother-sister duo Alison’s Fall have just released new single ‘Insane’, they powerful heavy rock, almost metal, sound is grand and distorted. An organised chaos of guitars and intriguing vocals, ‘Insane’ is definitely insane but in the most pleasant of ways!

Martin Inghardt – Nektar

Inghardt’s new single is an exciting, eclectic, catchy and hazy electro folk dream with beautiful vocals! Soothing and refined, warm and uplifting yet unhurried and without many edits. The single is a natural sounding pop song and a memorable soundtrack to our daydreams.

Hush Bewlay – Every Living Thing Adores You

As sweet as its title sounds, that’s how sweet its synth-driven soundscape sounds. ‘Every Living Thing Adores You’ is an adoring alternative pop track with a warm and uplifting intro and crooning vocals that make us want to crawl into them and immerse ourselves completely!

Beth McKenzie – discreet enquiries

Manchester-based pop songstress Beth McKenzie brings honesty, passionate and powerful lyrics to the table with her latest single ‘discreet enquiries’. Beautiful and sharp, refined and driven by an oh so catchy chorus, this single is one for the books… I mean, charts!

Lost In Japan – Congrats

Warm and soothing, a comforting new track with grand vocals and a soundscape that is familiar yet sounds experimental. ‘Congrats’ is the latest by Lost In Japan, for fans of alternative indie heroes The Kooks and Hippo Campus. ‘Congrats’ is a strong and enigmatic new pop rock track!

Ten Minute Detour – Golden Tapestry

The fast paced and energetic, caffeine-like rock sound of Ten Minute Detour is refreshing and exciting and comes to us in the form of their new single ‘Golden Tapestry’! It is honest upbeat indie pop rock with grand vocals and a soundscape that is exciting and uplifting!

Camp Blu – Madame Murder

Powerful, thumping new electro rock hit ‘Madame Murder’ was released by Camp Blue, the song sets the scene for a chain of unfortunate events that are lit by temptations and sins. This is exactly what the song sounds like; a sinful yet delicious crooning alternative rock track with warm synths!

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