Raymond Revel – Poetry In Motion

Poetic new summer anthem ‘Poetry In Motion’ is our introduction to Raymond Revel and its a revelation, a synth-driven pop song with warm and simple vocals and a chorus undeniably infectious! ‘Poetry In Motion’ is about celebrating life’s processes, and not being overly focused on the outcome. “All the little moments in your day – the frustrations, the wins, the joy, the hard work – all of this is simply poetry on the way to a finished project.”

“The heart behind this song is that I was becoming so goal oriented that I was missing out on the little things in life. If you know this feeling, I hope this song helps you too.” For fans of hints of Tame Impala and Alec Benjamin, ‘Poetry In Motion’ is a smooth and comforting, catchy new alternative pop track with a relatable subject.

The California-born singer songwriter and producer works towards the goal of staying consistent in developing his musical abilities and spread his wings on his latest release. A surprise, a warm welcome and a combination of various instruments he has familiarised himself with, with a focus on the piano. His appreciation of music’s beauty make for beautiful sing songs that we could easily listen to again and again!

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