New music: The Trusted, Matte Blvck and amilost

The Trusted – Arkansas

Described as an electronic ballad, The Trusted’s latest single ‘Arkansas’ is a new and exciting surprise from the British alternative pop band. The song tells a very personal story of the desire for an escape, and to find love again in a faraway place that isn’t yet home. Rich and comforting, ‘Arkansas’ is well-produced and broadcasts an ever-changing soundscape, showing another innovative side of the band!

Its soundscape is soft and haunting, carefully crafted and mixed with an ear for detail. The subtle vocals get their space to shine and truly come into their own. No stone nor grand composition remains unturned, ‘Arkansas’ takes us on a journey and ends at a beautifully satisfying destination.

Matte Blvck – Midnight & Angel

‘Midnight & Angel’ is a surprise, a thumping track blending alternative rock influences with influences taken from new wave and an electronically thumping rhythm that plays a significant factor throughout. Matte Blvck truly live up to their name, creating a sound that portrays the way we feel when wearing a raven black suit with a maroon-coloured tie.

‘Midnight & Angel’ is an eclectic mix of dark vocals and a remarkable, provocative soundscape that make us feel like we are part of an exclusive group of music-enthusiast that understand the struggle that comes with wanting to stand out while at the same time wanting to please the general public…

amilost – Pillowside

The beautiful and intimate ‘Pillowside’ is the debut release from Norwegian-British trio amilost and from its first notes we are hooked. With their debut they created a soft and mesmerising pop sound driven by angelic vocals and harmonies soft as the touch of a feather. ‘Pillowside’ is a sweet alternative pop single with a transfixing soundscape and vocals we won’t soon be able to get out of our head.

“We want other people to channel their pain and their questions through listening to our songs,” says vocalist and producer Sigrid. “‘Pillowside’ is about escapism and living through your imagination when things are tough… Imagining something better.” 

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