Rofi James – Who Am I To You?

Indie pop outfit Rofi James are comprised of three members from Galway in Ireland, and have spread their wings and aren’t holding anything back with their latest track, ‘Who Am I To You?’.

The introduction immediately captures the attention with a riff so razor-sharp that you could shave with it. It immediately demonstrates that the band are not afraid to push the boundaries of modern sounds and bring new energy to the scene without straying too far from the context in which they operate. The catchiness of the track increases as it goes on, and by the time it reaches the point where it begins to melt into the refrain, they have cast their spell on us so effectively that we are unable to escape it.

One of the standout aspects of this song are the vocals, and frontman Ronan’s tone brings an authentic indie rock edge to the encounter. He discusses what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone who pays little attention to you but has plenty of time for their friends and other people. Are they playing hard to get? Or do they lack interest? These are the questions that Ronan poses, and he uses his wordplay to force a response. 

In general, when it comes to indie-pop songs, this one is right up there with the most revitalising. It deviates from the standard in its own little ways, but isn’t too far from the usual to be unrecognisable!

Words by James Davids

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