EP: AA-Legrand – Pacific

Berlin-based producer and songwriter Simeon Loth is better known as AA-Legrand and recently released his indie folk EP ‘Pacific’! The EP is a subtle mix of indie and folk and counts only three tracks, not enough if you’d ask me. The sweet and refined opener of the EP is called ‘All Your Love’ and showcases a beautifully pensive, warm folk pop ballad with a minimalistic soundscape and rich vocals!

This ambient and subtly electronically-influenced style of folk is new to me yet mesmerising and most definitely a new favourite on my list of genres and sounds. Simeon Loth turned to producing his own music in 2019 after having played in various bands and various styles, and he has created himself a genre completely personalised to his tastes and talents. Song ‘Shade Of A Giant’ shows something leaning more towards pop, with guitar lines sounding like the intro of an indie pop song, but those angelic vocals truly make the difference.

Closing this short but sweet, powerful EP is single ‘Slow, Sleep, Fall’. A title couldn’t be more fitting. The song is another soft ballad, a welcome and warm bath of sound with hints of different styles and techniques but most of all a passion for creating. Loth produced and mixed the three tracks on his EP himself, with additional vocals by Alexandra Gheorghe and cymbal swells by Felix Densing, all was mastered by Edgar Alvis.

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