Video: Creature Canyon – Heartbeat

A warm and summery, sweet and comforting new indie pop release was brought to us by Creature Canyon. The sound and video for single ‘Heartbeat’ is a breath of fresh air, a loving and driving, passionate and heartfelt love song with hints of synth pop and delicious harmonies. ‘Heartbeat’ listens like a welcome pause of everyday life, a break of the depressing.

‘Heartbeat’ is kind and drenched in love, with bouncing alternative guitar solos and an uplifting energy we would like to hold on to for… The end of time really? The single is taken from the band’s debut album ‘Remarks’, “a coming of age tale capturing the emotional conflicts of love and loss through a journey of self-discovery, portrayal of personal growth and reflection in the modern age.”

‘Heartbeat’ is the album’s focus track, which comes with a euphoric backyard performance video, matching its sunny sound and catchy choruses. It shows the band’s ability to embody their Southern California vibes and bring some sun to the rest of us, who, for example, live in rainy Britain!

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