ANNABELLE’s Favourites

She’s eccentric and exciting and just released her debut EP ‘KIDNAP ME PLS’, it’s Czech singer ANNABELLE we’re talking about. Her contemporary pop is different and crosses many boundaries which is why we had to have a chat with her and find out more about this mesmerising artist!

Where do you discover new music?

I discover new tunes in the New Music Friday playlists. That is my go to. However, I do discover quite a lot of new music thanks to a radio show that I run in my country. We’re tracking popular and potentially viral songs and so I am up to date thanks to that.

What is your favourite place to write and listen to music?

I usually listen to music when I travel, when I’m making breakfast or when I’m coming home late at night after a party. I’d say my favourite place to write is probably my flat. It’s calm and private and it feels like time has stopped whenever I’m working there.

What activity are you unable to do without music?

Oh definitely working out. And also nothing hypes me up more than a good song. My mom’s boyfriend once said that a good song is like an espresso. It only takes about 3 minutes and you are so ready to go.

What are your favourite things to do besides music?

I also like to do yoga, read, travel and – to be fully honest – go out with my friends, haha. I am finding it hard to pay attention to the other areas of my life apart from music though. Which can get a little toxic so I’m working on that.

What are currently your ten favourite songs by emerging artists?

Depends what you mean by emerging. I love ‘Petrified’ by Omar Apollo, ‘Want Want’ by Maggie Rogers, ‘Sunny day’ by beabadoobee, ‘2023’ by Lila Drew, ‘die with my friends’ by Lindsey Lomis, ‘mental anguish’ by glave & ericdoa, I love Arrdee’s ‘War’, Hello Mate, Oliver Twist, ‘Boys Will Be Bugs’ by Cavetown, ‘stuck on us’ by Ckaire Rosinkranz and Aidan Bissett, and ‘Beach Boy’ by BENEE.

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