Daniel Nolet – Hannah

One of the Netherlands’ emerging talents, the promising singer songwriter Daniel Nolet, has just released his new single and with that shows his progress. The artist is slowly coming out of his shell, showing us his ever-growing potential and the words he found that we were still looking for. With ‘Hannah’, Daniel Nolet builds towards a grand chorus, an enigmatic and exciting pop sound that is simple yet refined and well-produced. 

Once I found out what the song was about, I had to listen to it again, “‘Hannah’ is about my good friend who took her own life 2.5 years ago. The lyrics revolve around the suicide note she left and how such a beautiful human being could be in this pain. I want to raise awareness around mental health and suicide prevention with this song and have partnered with Dutch foundation MIND to set up a donation link.” 

It is hard for me to imagine the pain Hannah would have been in, and the pain her friends and family are in now that there is a Hannah-shaped whole in their lives. It is also hard for me to imagine the courage and strength it took to write this song, to sing the words that will hopefully help Daniel heal. One thing is for sure; his song has helped me heal, and that is the magic of music.

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