Lorraine-Dietrich – Nobody Likes To Listen

A swaying, sultry and warm, Alex Turner-like sound and vibe is radiating from Lorraine-Dietrich’s latest single ‘Nobody Likes To Listen’. It is the warm and unaltered vocals that cover up absolutely nothing that make the single a mesmerising one to listen to. Even though its message encovers how we’re not listening, Lorraine-Dietrich is making us listen. 

It is the fourth release of the surf rock group and the first one that utilises a capo with a heavy chorus effect. On their new single, the outfit explores a biblical concept, “a prophet is not without honour except in his own country, among his own relatives, and in his own house”. The song explores us, others, asking for advice yet when it’s given, blowing it in the wind. Many of us are stuck in the past, dreading the present with nothing to wait for, and yet the soundscape of ‘Nobody Likes To Listen’ is a driven and positive, comforting one that makes us feel like we are not alone in whatever may come to us! 

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