Banners – Happier

Liverpool’s multi-talented creative artist Michael Nelson, a.k.a. Banners has returned with the release of his single ‘Happier’. His soaring new pop rock single is driven by heavy and driving piano-compositions and his naturally mesmerising voice. This grand and anthemic pop song is simple in its core but a hard one to ignore. I feel myself slowly swaying along to the building soundscape and I let myself get carried away by this bittersweet new release. 

‘Happier’ sounds warm and triumphant which stands in stark contrast with its lyrical content; they paint a darker picture as Banners comes to terms with the realisation that his relationship may not be as perfect as he once thought. “‘Happier’ is about that heartbreaking moment in a relationship where you go from knowing in your heart that you two are perfect for another to feeling like maybe you’re not.” 

Music runs in his family, with Nelson’s father being producer Ken Nelson, who produced albums for the likes of Coldplay, Gomez, and Badly Drawn Boy. About this relation, Michael says: “I remember going to the studio and just being enthralled by it all, I knew that was where I needed to be for the rest of my life.” And with his latest, open-hearted release he proves that he’s got something to say and that we’ve all got something to learn from Banners.

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