AJ Smith – We’re All Gonna Die

It was the message of this song that grabbed me by the balls and felt I had to do something with it. AJ Smith released ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ a while ago but I feel it even more these days. Death is close. So let’s make the most of life until then, is what I took from ‘We’re All Gonna Die’! 

About this single, AJ Smith said: “In one of my recent therapy sessions, my therapist brought up the latin phrase, “memento mori”, and he challenged me to consider that the inevitability of death can create a sense of freedom rather than dread. My drummer and I started writing this song in the car, just tapping on the dashboard. And we conquered the phrase “We’re All Gonna Die” so that it’s not sad, but rather triumphant. Just like the phrase memento mori, the song is simultaneously full of dread and hope, but in the end, it’s a rather optimistic view, greeting the inevitability with open arms and saying, “we’re all gonna die, we just don’t know when, let’s make the most of the time that we got left.”

I admire AJ Smith for his way with words, and his way of creating a hopeful message yet saying that death is inevitable, which not everyone finds as comforting, but maybe we should…

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