Jim McHugh – Can’t Feel Anymore

‘Can’t Feel Anymore’ is a distorted rock track, and the second single from the upcoming album ‘I Whisper to the Dawn’. Jim McHugh brings a soaring sound, riff-driven and sounding like having been battered and rejuvenated, which makes ‘Can’t Feel Anymore’ sound like such a heartfelt and open-hearted track! 

It is an eccentric mix of grand vocals, electric guitars and thumping drums, with a humorous undertone. “‘Can’t Feel Anymore’ is a humorous affront to social media influencers. In asserting a particular disdain for the power in which they yield and then achieve influence on society they hold.” A message we can find ourselves in, making the track even more interesting since we feel like we have now found the voice to our dissatisfaction. 

The Irish multi-instrumentalist brings a new edge to folk rock and blends several styles into a style of his own. His latest is a lot rockier, with less hints at folk, as if he needed something more pungent to translate what he had to say, and we are here for it!

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