Video: Future Cavemen – Elephant Footprints

The dark-tinted new rock track that has just been added to the musical catalogue of Future Cavemen is a bold one, a powerful and passionate, riff-driven one. ‘Elephant Footprints’ follows acclaimed single ‘Battle Scars’ which was released earlier this year by Somerset-based Joe Tennant’s project.

‘Elephant Footprints’ resembles the dark and gloomy sound of Queens Of The Stone Age with a hint of shimmering optimism influences by Sparklehorse. The single was written whilst Joe was travelling between London and rural Somerset, he explains: “I was on the rebound, working thirteen hour night shifts putting up stages for the London Olympics. A grizzly period made worse by too much partying. I liked the idea of using a recurring motif, more like a string part in a movie score rather than a guitar riff in a rock song. As the song developed it seemed to echo the juxtaposition I was living, a contrast between the countryside and the city.”

The song’s soundscape is pensive, creates a reflective vibe driven by hesitant yet determined riffs and soft, almost angelic vocals coming to us as in a dream. ‘Elephant Footprints’ is as mysterious as its title and releases a strange yet magnetic atmosphere which could be described as dark indie rock. And if you are sensitive to strobe lighting, skip to Spotify, if not, watch the video for ‘Elephant Footprints’ below!

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