Live: Delilah Bon at The Cluny

On a Saturday evening in September I went to live music venue The Cluny with minimal expectations. In this article you can read my thought on what happened at The Cluny 2! Opener of the night Bizarre Fae really hates men yet despite her hatred brought a fun vibe to The Cluny with her powerful hip hop sound and eclectic beats. She gave a voice to the voiceless and screamed the words we hadn’t yet found. Her politically laden lyrics were passionate and came from a place of anger, fear and determination.

Abi Nyxx surprised me. That sharp voice of her was rather mesmerising, and if you’re a fan of rap or not, it’s hard not to be transfixed when someone is spitting words faster than anyone I’ve ever hear. She delivered a powerful performance and got the audience jumping along to her song about a Saturday night in Newcastle. She made the audience bounce, move and groove and by the end had them still longing for more.

The night had built up towards the moment that Delilah Bon took the stage and my did she live up to the expectations. A powerful, empowering and inspiring performance that was amplified by DJ Tasmin Taylor and Delilah’s bass player. All three power houses brought their own talents to the stage and gave the show its depth and made for a very memorable nights. Energetic songs with easy to sing along choruses and dark, thumping soundscapes driven by beats and driving bass lines. Delilah Bon is truly something else. She is enigmatic, a musical demon – in the best way possible – powerful and hyping up her audience like she’s never done anything else. Most importantly, she made me a fan.

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